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Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport customs seizes smuggling of injections for the treatment of osteoarthritis

Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport customs officers, headed by Mohamed Youssef Abdel Nabi, Director of the Passenger Inspection Department, managed to seize an attempt to smuggle a number of syringes for osteoarthritis in violation of the provisions of the Pharmacy Practice Law No. 127 of 1955 and the Anti-Drug Law No. 182 of 1960 and its amendments, Customs Law No. 207 of 2020 and its amendments, and the Law No. Import and Export No. 118 of 1975.

While completing the inspection procedures for passengers arriving on fly Dubai, the flight coming from Dubai, Ahmed Ahmed Muhammad Musa, the customs commissioner, suspected a Jordanian passenger coming from Dubai due to his confusion.

His personal belongings were passed on the X-RAY examination machine by the knowledge of Muhammad Ahmed Al-Khouly, the examination officer, and Muhammad Tawfiq, the director of the X-ray examination department, and you noticed that there were identical objects inside one of the bags.

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And presented to Abdel Majid Mostafa, the head of the inspection department, he assigned Amr Mohamed Mabrouk and Ahmed Mohamed Shebl, customs officials, in the presence of Rabie Ahmed, director of the Customs Security Department, to inspect the passenger’s personal belongings, and it was found that there were 98 special injections for the treatment of joint roughness hidden in a magic bottom in the bag.

Mohamed Youssef Abdel Nabi, Director of the Customs Department, decided to take legal measures and edit a customs seizure report No. 23 of 2021 after being presented to Youssef Wasfi Youssef, advisor to the head of the Customs Authority, and edited by Mohamed Ayman, head of the Legal Affairs Department.

This comes in implementation of the instructions of Shahat Ghaturi, head of the Customs Authority, and Magdy Ibrahim, head of the Central Administration of Sinai Customs, to tighten control over customs outlets and thwart all attempts at customs evasion.

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