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Observers and observers flock to the high school committees

Secondary school committees open their doors shortly at eight o’clock this morning, Sunday, in front of the observers, observers and those in charge of the examination process, and the influx of observers and observers to the committees begins, in preparation for receiving the students of the literary division starting from nine o’clock this morning with a total number of 255 thousand and 353 students performing Philosophy and Logic Exam.

Secondary students (for the blind) take the geography exam (second paper), with a total of 225 students. Secondary students for (stem) schools also take the test of readiness for university admissions (the second foreign language), and the measurements of concepts of the second foreign language with a total of 1179 students.

This is to start following the precautionary measures and procedures for inspecting students by electronic stick, as well as examining the tablets accompanied by students, searching for mobile phones and sterilizing students before allowing them to enter the examination committees.

It is reported that Dr. Reda Hegazy, Deputy Minister of Education for Teachers’ Affairs, and Vice President of the General Secondary Examinations for this year, confirmed in a special statement to the Akhbar Al-Youm portal that the date of the high school exams as it is according to the examination schedule established by the Ministry of Education, has nothing to do with the decision to extend Eid holiday from Saturday 17 July to 24 July.

The Vice-President of the Examinations General pointed out that the date of the chemistry exam July 17 will be on time without change, and that the date of the philosophy and logic exam for the Literary Division will be on July 18 without change, provided that the Eid al-Adha holiday for students begins from July 19 to July 23, and students will resume The Scientific Division will take their exams by performing the Physics exam on Saturday, July 24, which will take place on time, and the Literary Division students will resume their exams on Sunday, July 25 by taking the history course.

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