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Al Tadamun defines the procedures and conditions for establishing homes for the care of expatriates

The Ministry of Social Solidarity confirmed that it is working to expand the role of expatriates for expatriates from other governorates of both sexes or one of the Arab countries, whether they are students studying outside their permanent place of residence or expatriate workers, for periods that may be long or short depending on the circumstances of each of them. To prevent young people from being exposed to trouble, exploitation and deviation.​

As for the conditions for establishing a home for male and female expatriates, the ministry confirmed on its website that they are as follows:

The existence of a registered association whose activity includes family care.

The environment’s need for the home.

– An extended lease or ownership contract for an apartment of a suitable area of ​​not less than 250 square meters or a separate house.

The approval of the neighborhood, civil defense, housing and security authorities.

– Appointing a qualified functional body in accordance with what is stated in the regulations governing the work of the role of expatriates and expatriates.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity indicated that the procedures for obtaining the service are:
1- The association submits an application to the social department to which the activity belongs.

2- The request is examined to determine the extent to which the environment is needed for the establishment of the house.

3- The place designated by the association for the establishment of the house shall be inspected.

4- The application, the documents submitted, and a technical report on the suitability of the allocated space shall be submitted to the Directorate of Social Solidarity.

5- The license of the house is approved after the conditions are met

The documents required to obtain a license are:

1- A request from the association attached to the minutes of the board of directors with the association’s approval of licensing an expatriate house.

2 – A copy of the bylaws of the association.

3 – A statement of the functional apparatus of the house attached to the documents.

4- Approval of the neighborhood, civil defense, housing and security authorities.

5- A financial and administrative report from the Associations Department for the last year

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