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Al-Azhar: There are ten mistakes that a pilgrim may make while performing the rituals

Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwas said: Hajj is a great devotional and spiritual obligation in which Muslims follow the example of our Master, the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, who said when performing it: “So that you take your rites from me.” [أخرجه مسلم]There are mistakes that the pilgrim must avoid, which are:

If a pilgrim passes the meeqat to the sacred house of God without making it forbidden, and before committing asceticism, he goes back to the meqat and enters ihraam, as long as he is able to do so.

If the pilgrim deliberately does one of the prohibitions of Ihram, he must pay the ransom, which is the slaughter of a sheep; Or give three saa’s of food to six needy people (the amount of one saa’ is approximately 2 kilos and 40 grams), or fast for three days because of the Almighty’s saying: “Who among you is sick or has an injury to the head?” [البقرة: ١٩٦]; And if it was by oversight or ignorance of the ruling, such as one who covered his head with a veil and then remembered or learned of the ruling and removed it; Nothing is clear on it.

If R is forbidden Sidon deliberately stating the ihram, the choice between the slaughter such as hunting and charitable giving it to the poor, and between that the fishing and buys its value food for them, the penalty mentioned in the verse: “O ye who believe! Do not kill fishing and you are forbidden and killing of you deliberately Fjza such as the killing of the blessings judged by you hadiy Questions modified adult Kaaba or the expiation food poor or modify it to taste and Syama pal ordered, ” [المائدة :95]; If he forgets or falls into error, then he does not have to do anything.

If a Muhrim had intercourse with his wife before standing in Arafah, his Hajj is void. And he has to atone; A sheep is slaughtered and it is said that it is a camel, and it does not decompose until the Hajj is completed, and then makes up for the next year; Including both Amd ignorant and Sahi and Nassi impeller Almighty said: “Hajj months information, it is imposed in them Hajj is not obscenity and immorality There is no doubt in the Hajj and do good God knows but the best intake of piety and Atqon, O men of understanding,” [البقرة: 197].

If intercourse occurred after stoning Jamarat al-Aqabah, the Hajj is valid, and the pilgrim must atone for a difference between the camel and the sheep, and this is due to his ability and ability.

Whoever stops in Arafat after sunset for part of the day, and leaves before sunset; He must have blood on the most correct. Because it was narrated that the Prophet: «was still standing until the sun set, and I went a little bit yellowish even missed disk, Abizaid and Osama behind him, the Messenger of Allah and pay peace be upon him», [أخرجه مسلم].

The pilgrim breaks pebbles from the mountains, or chooses large pebbles and washes them, there is nothing in it, but what is prescribed in the size of the pebble is that it should be the size of a chickpea or a hazelnut.

The basic principle is that stoning is one of the rituals of Hajj that the Muslim should strive to perform himself, and not delegate someone else to perform it. The Almighty said: “That and whoever honors the symbols of God, it is from the piety of the hearts.” [الحج: 32]

The belief of some pilgrims that the remembrance of God and standing in Muzdalifah must be in the Al-Mas’har Al-Haram Mosque only, is not correct, and the correct view is that Arafa and Muzdalifah are all parking.

The belief of some people not to interrupt the circumambulation or sa’i when performing the prayer is incorrect. The principle is that this is an obligation to perform the prayer in congregation. And not to pass in front of the worshipers and crowd them.

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