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All you need to know about equivalent and foreign certificates

The Official Gazette published the decision of the Minister of Higher Education No. 2230 of 2021 on the admission rules for equivalent (Arab – foreign) secondary certificates, for students who obtained equivalent high school certificates (Arabic-foreign) in 2021 and those applying for coordination 2021 in Egyptian universities in the academic year 2021/ 2022.

The decision of the Minister of Higher Education stipulated the following: 1- That a minimum percentage be set at a certain percentage of the total maximum limit of the legal sum for each certificate for students wishing to express their desire to join some colleges, in public universities, as follows: 1- The minimum percentage should be At least 95% of the applicant expresses their desire to enroll in medical colleges. 2- The minimum percentage of at least 90% for expressing a desire to enroll in the faculties of dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, economics, political science and media. 3- The minimum percentage of at least 85% of the desire to enroll in the faculties of engineering, computers and information, as stipulated in the decision, provided that admission takes precedence over the total or legal grades of the student and within the limits of the numbers prescribed for each certificate, given that these faculties require a distinguished scientific level .

2- Submission of the document stating the actual legal legal residence of the student and his guardian in the country from which the student obtained a secondary certificate equivalent to the length of the study period on which the equivalent secondary certificate is granted. The start and end date of the study and the end of the exams are determined by a letter notarized by each of the Egyptian cultural advisor from the state granting the certificate or the cultural advisor to the state granting the certificate in the Arab Republic of Egypt, by presenting an actual residence documented by the Egyptian cultural advisor or the Egyptian embassy in the granting state and a passport, explaining it The dates of the entry and exit destination and a movement certificate, indicating the dates of the entry and exit destination, in implementation of the judicial ruling issued by the State Council in this regard.

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