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MAYVILLE — After being forced to cancel a show last week due to the lack of a state permit, the 2021 Chautauqua Lake Pops concert season “is a go.”

The New York State Office of General Services on Friday issued organizers a temporary permit. The Pops, a series of concerts performed on a floating stage at Lakeside Park in Mayville, will now kick off the season Saturday with a Journey tribute band beginning at 8 pm

Shows are scheduled to be held each Saturday through Sept. 4.

Dan Dalpra, founder and chairman, said the temporary permit will allow the concert season to go on for the duration of this summer. He thanked local representatives who helped, including State Assemblyman Andrew Goodell, R-Jamestown, and County Executive PJ Wendel.

“We’re delighted to be up and running,” Dalpra said. “Thanks to everyone who helped as it was so devastating to have a season planned and then have to alter things.”

The Chautauqua Lake Pops originated in Bemus Point and was moved to Mayville in 2019. Due to the pandemic, there were no shows in 2020.


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The concert series and its lack of a permit was the basis of a lawsuit filed earlier this month in the state Supreme Court in Chautauqua County against its organizers and the village of Mayville. The suit is seeking an injunction from the concerts taking place.

Dalpra alluded to the lawsuit as one of the reasons the state was delaying issuing a permit. He noted that it was “unfortunate we had a few naysayers” regarding the Pops.

“It’s been an economic loss around the county,” he said of losing the first show. “I don’t think they realized the impact this has had, especially coming out of COVID, just for some people to have some fun.”

The attorney representing the four individuals who filed the suit said Friday he did not yet see paperwork from the state.

The temporary permit, though, is likely welcome news for many village officials. Mayor Ken Shearer expressed his frustration with the state during a Mayville Village Board meeting earlier this week, noting that the Pops didn’t need a permit when they performed in Bemus Point and that floating stages are part of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program.

Further, Shearer said this year’s concert series will be important, both for the community and the village. He said the contract calls for a portion of ticket proceeds to go to the village this summer; the first two years called for payments of just $1.

In a statement Friday, State Sen. George Borrello, R-Sunset Bay, said he’s working on a permanent solution for next season. “We’ve lost so much this last year, I’m very glad we were able to bring back the Chautauqua Lake Pops concerts,” he said. “I want to thank Andy and PJ (Wendel) for their help and advocacy.”

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