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The “Sisi” hashtag tops Twitter… and a flood of Egyptians’ support for their leader

The “Sisi” hashtag topped the Twitter trend after President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s speech yesterday during the first conference of the national project “A Dignified Life”, in which he stressed that compromising Egypt’s national security is a red line.

Assiut Engineers Syndicate discusses with “Decent Life” support for the initiative

Tweeters on Twitter expressed their love for President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, for the great renaissance Egypt is witnessing in all fields, through the hashtag “Sisi Habib El-Egyptians”, in conjunction with the activities of the first conference of the national project, a decent life, which was held at Cairo Stadium.

Messages of support for the president continued, and a tweeter said: “One day the entire Egyptian people will understand that you did what no one else can do, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.”

Abeer said: “Our country is Egypt… sweet with its land, goodness and people… strong with its army and heroes… Great Egypt with its president, the leader of our dream and the dream of every Egyptian in his country. Egypt will remain as long as the world.”

Magda wrote: “Praise be to God, our Lord has blessed us with a priest who is sensitive to his people and pays great attention to developing their lives, and lifting them out of poverty and the need for a dignified life worthy of every Egyptian and every Egyptian.” And Iman al-Nahhas continued: “Our Lord protects Sisi for Egypt, fights, works, and pressures everyone to make The maximum effort, which will be achieved in a few years, unless others achieve in decades, God willing.”

As Ahmed Yassin said: “By God, Egypt fascinates and fascinates the world. Glory be to God. From a lost country to a country that treats the most powerful countries as equals and imposes its word on everyone, and one of the most powerful economies to come. Egypt is for the Egyptians only, not for the traitors. Long live a free, dear, independent Egypt.”

Lian Qassem said: “All Egyptians have cursing and they see well and appreciate all the effort that your honor is doing, may God bless you and protect you and protect you from all evil.”

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