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The Prime Minister reviews a report on the work of the Egyptian Medicines Authority in its first year

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, reviewed a report from Dr. Tamer Essam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, on the most prominent achievements of the Medicines Authority in its first year, in its various fields of work, with the aim of controlling and improving the management of the drug system.
The Prime Minister praised the efforts made by the Egyptian Medicines Authority during its first year, considering that it achieved an achievement in comparison with the very precise timing that accompanied its emergence and start of its work while the world faces the most serious medical challenge ever, which is the emerging Corona virus, noting that the authority has implemented important steps and is expected from it. A lot in the coming period will push towards achieving pharmaceutical security, localizing modern pharmaceutical industries, and raising the global competitiveness of Egyptian medical products and supplies.
The head of the Egyptian Medicines Authority stated that during the first year, the Authority was able to sign 7 cooperation protocols, with IKuvia Technology Solutions Egypt and Pfizer Egypt, regarding the establishment of an automated system to follow up the circulation and dispensing of pharmaceutical products of the highest priority, and cooperation with IKuvia Technology Solutions to achieve joint cooperation in the field of Data and statistics of the Egyptian pharmaceutical market for both the private and institutional sectors, and cooperation with the National Food Safety Authority regarding coordination and determining the controls and mechanisms of work in the field of nutritional supplements.
Dr. Tamer Essam added that the cooperation protocols also included an agreement with the branch of the International Organization for Numbering in Egypt to support the database system for medical products and supplies, and cooperation with the National Service Projects Authority of the Armed Forces, to implement a number of projects for the benefit of the Egyptian Medicines Authority to achieve the public interest, as well as cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmacy at Cairo University for practical training for graduate students on the skills of pharmacoeconomics studies, as well as training at the Egyptian Drug Information Center at the Egyptian Medicines Authority, and an agreement with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport so that the academy allows the study of professional master’s and doctoral programs for the authority’s employees, in exchange for the authority to provide students with courses Training in quality control laboratories and stability centers.
Dr. Tamer Essam indicated that the Egyptian Medicines Authority, during its first year, implemented two initiatives, the first is the “Export Support” initiative, which aims to support Egyptian exports of medical preparations and supplies, by facilitating export procedures, and overcoming all challenges to increase its flow to foreign markets, and raise the level of competitiveness. The International Company for Egyptian Pharmaceuticals, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 to reach Egyptian exports to $100 billion annually, and the second initiative is “100 Projects”, an initiative that aims to develop pharmaceutical practices in all institutions of the Arab Republic of Egypt, to achieve the safe use of medicine, and raise the level of technical performance. For pharmacists to provide safe medicine to the Egyptian patient.
The head of the Egyptian Medicines Authority added that the authority succeeded, during its first year, in passing all external reviews on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard by the accreditation body for all the authority’s laboratories, as well as passing the annual review and updating the certificate for all the authority’s laboratories accredited by the National Accreditation Council (EGAC) according to the specification. ISO/IEC 17025: 2017, along with the African Pharmacopoeia AMQF-ILC Technical Proficiency Test through a coordination program with the US Pharmacopoeia USP.
He pointed out that the authority was also able to issue a monograph of wild medicinal plants in Egypt, which is considered the first study of wild medicinal plants in Egypt, and one of the important pillars that contribute to the preparation of the Egyptian pharmacopoeia, and this herbal study represents one of the important steps to contribute to the inclusion of the use of Egyptian wild plants in The pharmaceutical industry, by providing scientific information on the safety, efficacy and quality of wild medicinal plants, facilitating their appropriate use, and promoting information exchange and registration procedures.
Dr. Tamer Essam confirmed during the report that the Egyptian Medicines Authority managed during the first year to develop nearly 800 work units, including control laboratories, reference labs, educational classes, training rooms, and meeting rooms, adding that in light of the Egyptian state’s orientation towards building a digital Egypt. The authority is implementing projects aimed at automating the work of uploading and receiving files from companies, as well as the work of the internal work cycle, with regard to the departments of medical supplies, cosmetics, pricing and export, as well as the management of control over marketing and media materials, as well as the automation and organization of the disbursement mechanism Medicines listed on the drug schedules and affecting the psychological state.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Medicines Authority indicated that based on the state’s strategy to enhance mechanisms of communication with the Egyptian citizen and provide digital services, the official website was launched in January 2021 (, as well as the launch of the hotline number 15307 to provide a receiving service. Citizens’ inquiries regarding drug shortages and their availability as a first stage, followed by a second stage that includes other services. In March 2021, the authority launched 5 services for electronic communications and inquiries via the authority’s official website, including reporting violations issued by pharmaceutical establishments, and inquiring about the availability of Pharmaceutical preparations, reporting the side effects of drugs, biological preparations and vaccines, as well as reporting violations related to marketing materials and drug advertising, and making it possible to request a drug consultation.
Dr. Tamer Essam also presented the Authority’s efforts within the framework of continuous professional development, where the Center for Continuing Professional Development was established with the aim of raising the professional, scientific, practical and research level for all workers in various fields of drug manufacturing and pharmaceutical practices. The center holds 10 courses per month, with an average of 500 trainees per month. In addition to the implementation of many workshops and specialized training programs, and in August 2020 the reference laboratory was established that provides services for developing and analyzing drugs, evaluating nutritional supplements, and other research and development efforts, and all work rules and all requirements, procedures and rules regulating the manufacturing system for the purpose of exporting products have been updated. and medical supplies.
Dr. Tamer Essam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, also presented, during his report to the Prime Minister, the authority’s efforts to confront the Corona virus, explaining that it had provided the necessary support to many companies to provide preparations for the “Corona” treatment protocol, through the rapid registration mechanism, The authority also granted an emergency use license to a number of emerging coronavirus vaccines after passing the necessary evaluation processes, in accordance with the global and local rules followed to ensure the safety, quality and effectiveness of vaccines, and Egypt succeeded, thanks to the authority’s efforts, to participate in the manufacture of the drug Remdesivir, and it was exported to 27 countries, by 620 One thousand packages, with a financial value of nearly $20 million.
Dr. Tamer Essam added that the Medicines Authority was able to put in place a smart mechanism to follow up and ensure the availability of important and strategic preparations for a total of 14 therapeutic categories with 1,800 therapeutic preparations, and an exceptional license was granted for the first artificial respirator with a 100% national manufacturing rate, in addition to intensifying inspection campaigns in coordination with the authorities The other monitoring, to ensure the availability of medicines for the Covid-19 treatment protocol, in all the pharmacy institutions that are passed, and the inspection included 150,000 pharmacies, 6,000 drug stores, and 2,700 public hospitals.

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