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Minister of Education: We have provided teachers at the highest level for high school students for free

Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, confirmed that the ministry has provided everything possible for high school students to study and learn from virtuous accredited teachers, and at the highest level in the channels of our school 1, our school 2, the Egypt classes platform, the direct broadcast platform from the ministry, and links YouTube for our school channels and Egypt’s classes, and a huge digital library on tablets, and it’s all “free”.

This came as a comment from the Minister of Education, on what was published by one of the parents through the educational group “Building Egyptian Education” via the WhatsApp application, which revealed that one of the private lessons centers played festival songs while high school students gathered in the final review classes, amid dancing And the students groaned in the presence of the teacher.. The guardian said, commenting on this video, by saying, “Save our sons and daughters. God is sufficient for us and He is the best agent.”

And the Minister of Education continued, in his response, saying, “We have provided everything that is useful to high school students and prepares them for new questions, and despite this, many parents are still pushing their children and their money to the private lessons centers despite all that we have provided and despite what we advise.

He continued: “I wish we all think about this and direct future generations away from lessons, and people will see the result of this year so that everyone will realize that there is no point in following the old methods, and let us save the families’ money that is wasted in private lessons and direct our children to use this momentum from excellent and free learning resources. In the future” .

It is scheduled to start today, the first work of the marathon of the general secondary exams for students of the Scientific Division, amid heavy security guard by the Interior Forces, where the students will take the Arabic language exam today, Saturday, provided that the Literary Division students will take the Arabic language exam tomorrow, Sunday, to start the exam at ten Morning for 3 hours, without adding any additional time for students.

The total number of high school students applying to take high school exams this year is 649,387 students, including 292,852 students in the science division, 100,169 in the mathematics division, and 256,366 students in the literary division, and that the number of high school examination committees It reached 2,189 committees, including 1,794 electronic and 395 paper.

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