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Egypt Decisions to grant 4,133 landmark certificates of authority

Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Tariq Shawky, issued Ministerial Decree No. 60 of 2021 regarding granting teachers who wish to change job titles the necessary validity certificate for this, within the framework of the Ministry’s keenness on job satisfaction for teachers.

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Deputy Minister for Teachers Affairs, said that the decision includes a total of 4,133 teachers who have fulfilled the requirements for professional development necessary to transfer from one major to another, or from an educational phase to another educational phase, of whom there are 3395 public education teachers and 738 education teachers. Artwork.

Tariq Shawky
Tariq Shawky

He added that the education directorates can send their delegates to the Professional Academy for Teachers after the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday to receive the lists of teachers who have been granted the necessary validity certificate to transfer from one job to another or from specialization to another specialization or from an educational stage to another educational stage, as well as a copy of the ministerial decision In this regard, in order to present to the competent governor to issue the necessary decisions for the transfer, after verifying that they have fulfilled the necessary requirements for this.

Dr. Redha Hegazy emphasized that the teacher is the driving force in the educational process, so the Ministry of Education spares no effort to advance him professionally, and to ensure his job satisfaction.

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