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What is the ruling on depositing an amount in an association for Hajj by lottery? Iftaa is answered

The head of the Dar Al-Ifta Association asked about the consent of a group of members of the association, with the condition that each of them pay a sum for the intention of Hajj. Hajj money A deposit to be paid in monthly installments upon return, bearing in mind that the amount paid monthly is considered as a deposit With the association, so that the payer can take back what he paid at any time he wants, so what is the ruling on that?

And the Dar Al-Iftaa answered that what appears from the Sunnah and from the work of the Companions, and what Imam Ahmad did in matters of lottery, is the permissibility of this act in Shariah.

The fatwa clarified that this results in the deposit of each member of the association monthly with its permission to lend it to those who perform Hajj with it. Soothing the souls of the members of the association.

She indicated Issuing fatwas It has been reported to work by lot in such a case on the authority of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, and on some of the companions, may God be pleased with them, and Imam Ahmad, may God have mercy on him, measured similarities to him, and we have no such thing. “The Judicial Paths in the Shariah Policy” by Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Al-Qayyim, and what he also said in his book “Bada’i Al-Fawa’id” from the third part, page 261 and beyond.

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