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Nile cruises and resorts break the heat of the Eid atmosphere جو

The joy of Eid continued to bring joy to the faces of citizens celebrating the third day of Eid al-Adha, and public gardens, parks and beaches remain the main destination for citizens, especially families and families who preferred to enjoy the magic of nature, in a cheerful family atmosphere that extinguishes the flames of the heat of the weather.. Egyptians continued their celebrations and enjoying beaches and excursions. Some of them resorted to gardens and parks, foremost of which are the Orman Gardens, Al Qanatir Al Khairiah, Umm Kulthum, The Bride of the Nile, Ibn Luqman, Andalusia, Al Asmak, Al Muntazah, and many more, to spend the late hours of these beautiful days, and to benefit from the long vacation in the healing of families, and the government’s wise decision came to extend this leave The period is to give our families in various governorates an opportunity to get some rest and recreation, and to enjoy the beaches, gardens and parks, taking into account the precautionary measures, to combat the spread of the Corona virus, after the concerned authorities purified and sterilized many sites and gardens, especially the sites of gathering and children’s games daily. Al-Akhbar” toured several provinces to transmit images from the ground, through MEED reports I am alive.”

Amidst great precautionary measures, carried out by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, from sterilization and disinfection of all gardens and sites of the ministry to protect citizens from the Corona pandemic, the Delta Barrages in the Charity Qanatir of the Ministry received citizens on the third day of Eid Al-Adha, which includes 4 gardens that exceeded an area of ​​35 acres, which is Afla Park And the cultural center garden, the Nile garden, the lake garden, and work is underway in the Jasmine garden.

The ministry, in cooperation with the concerned agencies, made great efforts in Qalyubia to receive citizens during Eid al-Adha, while gardens were developed, in addition to preventing engineers or workers from taking any leave and working to spread all staff during the holidays to work on the comfort of citizens.

Engineer Ashraf Darwish, Director of Irrigation of the Delta Barriers, said that the development of Afla Park has been completed and witnessed a turnout from citizens during the days of Eid, which is located on an area of ​​14 acres and overlooks a charming facade of 500 m on the Nile and is the longest walkway for the gardens, during which it was provided with artificial waterfalls, pergolas, wooden benches and walkers. And recreational games, lighting poles, garbage bins, and finally, the expansion of its entrance and the installation of new gates at a total cost of 8 million pounds. The rehabilitation and development of all gardens in the arches is underway, with a total area of ​​68 acres distributed over 10 gardens.

The director of irrigation in Qalyubia added that the development work was carried out by the self-employment sector at the Ministry of Irrigation and in the hands of engineers, workers, technicians, equipment and workshops of the ministry, and the management of barrage irrigation. The development work includes palm gardens, the Nile, the lake, the mosque, the model A and B, Abu Qardan, Al-Tawfiqi A and B, the Cultural Center and the Nile Garden.

He pointed out that the development work of the lake park has been completed, as the park was recently provided with a lake wedding hall and photoshop models were added to be a destination for the newlyweds from the archipelagos and the surrounding cities and neighboring governorates and a source of happiness and joy for the pioneers.

He added that the Buhaira Park in Qanater El Khayriyah is witnessing the largest development process on an area of ​​5 acres as part of the continuous development work carried out by the Delta Barrage irrigation department for the irrigation gardens in Qanater.

He revealed that the development work of the lake park in Qanater Al Khayriyah included the work of an artificial lake 150 meters long, on both sides of which are basins of flowers, marble benches, artificial waterfalls, in addition to a cafeteria, a wedding hall, large areas of green grass, trees, flowers, plants, rare trees, wooden benches, pergolas and walkers, with the use of a modern irrigation network for irrigation. The garden and the implementation of a night lighting network for the garden.

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