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We publish the Parliament’s report on the Law on Protection and Development of Lakes and Fisheries

“Akhbar Al-Youm Gate” obtained the text of the Parliament’s report on the Law on the Protection and Development of Lakes and Fisheries, which is scheduled to be discussed next Sunday.

And to the text of the House report:

The objectives of the presented draft law crystallize in achieving effective protection for the Egyptian lakes and their flats and beaches, as they are one of the natural resources of economic and environmental importance, and the development of fish wealth from all water bodies in light of the lack of procedures followed in protecting the lakes and their natural resources, the scattering of provisions regulating their affairs and their inconsistencies, and the weakness of penalties for offenses against violations Its water surface and the fish farming activity’s lack of a precise legal system that contributes to achieving its goals, which led to many problems represented in the following:

1. The multiplicity of authorities that exercise the competencies related to each of the lakes and fisheries, and these parties dispute among themselves regarding the exercise of these competencies, especially with regard to the protection and development of lakes, and the regulation of the activity of conducting fishing and the protection, exploitation and development of fish wealth.

2. Conflicting legal rules regulating activities related to the exploitation and development of lakes and the protection and development of fisheries, which prevents the realization of the very existing legal texts for which they were formulated.

3. The inadequacy of the procedures followed in the matter of protecting the lakes and the natural resources they contain.

4. Fish farming activity lacks a precise and decisive legal system that governs that activity and contributes to achieving its goals, especially those related to the development and development of fisheries wealth.

5. The penalties prescribed for the offenses of encroachment on the lakes and their resources are not proportional to the gravity of the violations related to the conduct of activities related to fisheries, especially the fishing activity.

Hence, the proposed draft law came to issue new legislation defining the axes and ways to protect lakes without other water bodies, develop fisheries, and establish an entity that includes in its formation all relevant authorities and jurisdiction in the matter of protecting lakes, exploiting their natural resources, and developing the wealth sector.

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