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13 colleges for which admission is required to pass aptitude tests

The Ministry of Higher Education announced the opportunity for high school students to register aptitude tests electronically through the electronic coordination website: on the Internet, from Saturday, 7/8/2021 until Thursday, 19/8/ 2021.

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Akhbar Al-Youm portal publishes the names of the colleges whose admission is required to pass aptitude tests:

1. Media Faculties.
2. Faculties of Fine Arts (Arts – Architecture).
3. Faculties of Applied Arts in universities (Helwan – Damietta – Benha – Beni Suef).
4. Faculty of Music Education in Zamalek, Helwan University.
5. Faculty of Art Education in Zamalek, Helwan University.
6. Faculty of Art Education, Minia University.
7. Colleges of Physical Education.
8. The two divisions of education (artistic education and musical education) in the faculties of specific education and the educational theater division in the faculty of specific education, Mansoura University and its two branches (Mitt Ghamr – Minya Al-Nasr).
9. The two divisions of art education in my faculties (Education in Ismailia, Suez Canal University and Faculty of Education in Suez, Suez University).
10. Ismailia College of Education (Musical Education Division) Suez Canal University.
11. The colleges affiliated to the universities of technology (the College of Industry and Energy Technology at New Cairo University of Technology, the College of Industry and Energy Technology at Delta Technology University, and the Egyptian-Korean College of Industry and Energy Technology at Beni Suef University of Technology).
12. Nursing colleges and technical nursing institutes.
13. Faculties of Tourism and Hotels.

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