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El-Badawy congratulates President El-Sisi and the Egyptian people on the anniversary of the July 23 Revolution

Magdy El-Badawy, Vice-President of the Egyptian Workers Union and Head of the General Syndicate of Press, Printing and Media Workers, congratulated President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Egyptian people on the 69th anniversary of the July 23 Revolution, noting that in order to complement the spirit of the revolution and its noble goals, the state is continuing to implement a comprehensive strategic vision and a unique development epic to build a nation Strong advanced in all areas.

Al-Badawi said: This revolution in which the Egyptians set the most wonderful examples of supporting the armed forces and standing behind them in order to preserve the state, stressing that this revolution still lives in our hearts because it is biased towards the poor and marginalized of the Egyptian people, especially workers, peasants and students, and it sought to achieve social justice.

He added that the celebration of the anniversary of the July Revolution this year is different from previous years, because all the projects launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi are biased towards the poor and marginalized, and he seeks through them to achieve social justice, as they follow the principles of the glorious July Revolution.

El-Badawy pointed out that these projects include a decent life project, the new delta and the comprehensive health insurance law, noting that the project for a decent life, which the president proposed last week, will rebuild 67% of the poor in Egypt who live in 4,500 villages, economically, socially, culturally, health and educationly at a cost of 700 billion. fairy.

With regard to the New Delta project, El-Badawy said that the president is seeking through it to reclaim about 2.5 million acres, where 100,000 acres have been reclaimed and 250,000 acres will be reclaimed by the end of this year, to be completed as quickly as possible… Noting that this project will benefit It will greatly benefit the farmers because it will provide them with job opportunities and agricultural and animal investment for those who have the ability to do so, and will bring good to the entire Egyptian people.

In addition to the health insurance law, which is one of the laws that sided with the lowest-income classes in the history of Egypt to achieve social justice, and which stipulates that everyone who holds Egyptian citizenship will be under the umbrella of this law, and that the state will pay the contributions of those who are unable .. pointing out that The state confirms through this law that it will treat those who are unable to do so without incurring any cost.

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