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There are no complicated questions.. “Education” reassures high school students of the physics exam

High school students in the Scientific Division will face the physics exam, which represents the bogeyman of high school, after tomorrow, Saturday, July 24.

Sources at the Ministry of Education said,Today’s news portal“The physics exam questions in the new system depend on understanding, analysis and application, pointing out that the physics exam will come like any exam set from the textbook questions and experimental exam models to take into account addressing all the individual differences of students, so that it has a percentage for the outstanding student, but it did not include Impossible questions or complex.

The sources demanded from the students of the Scientific Division, the need to pay attention to reviewing the forms of the third experimental exams that were held for students before the final exam, in addition to paying attention to following up on various learning sources such as the Knowledge Bank and reviews of the Egypt Quotas platform and our school channel.

The Ministry of Education had directed important tips and instructions to all high school students in the Scientific and Literary Division, to get acquainted with all the instructions that the student must abide by during the high school completion certificate exams.

The instructions for the General Secondary Completion Exam included the following:

1. Highlight the correct answer to the Babel Chit “with a light pencil” and emphasize

2. Your final answer “in black or blue ballpoint pen” with your name and number

3. Sit and test code with the same ballpoint pen, in clear handwriting

4. In the event that the Babel Sheet is damaged for any reason, the student is allowed to replace it with a new paper, provided that this is done within the time period allotted for the exam, with the need to write a report.

5. The Ministry tests the tablet before the exam to ensure its technical safety and not to be tampered with. The tablet is withdrawn in case there are any applications or it is outside the secured system.

6 The student may enter the textbook or a printed copy with notes in the student’s handwriting without adding attachments or other content to the book
7. Neither the grammar book nor the story of the days is allowed to enter the Arabic language exam, and this applies to exams for other languages.

8. The presence of students in the examination committee at least 60 minutes before the start of the exam to complete the insurance procedures. In the event of late arrival, all insurance and precautionary measures will be taken, and this is considered from the time of the exam.

9. Announcing the results of the exams about 10 days after the last exam.

For 3 secondary students.. we publish a general review on physics

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