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Manpower: 1.6 million pounds were disbursed for irregular employment in Assiut

The Minister of Manpower, Mohamed Saafan, announced that the Directorate of Manpower in Assiut Governorate has appointed 705 young people with higher and middle qualifications, and without qualifications, in private and investment sector establishments, including 7 of them with special abilities, through the returned certificates of “work stubs”, who are registered in the offices of the Ministry of Manpower. Employment, amounting to 2720 young men, in addition to the issuance of 488 certificates measuring the level of skill and the certificate of practicing the craft.

Hazem Ali Hassan, director of the Manpower Directorate in Assiut, explained in his report to the minister about what was accomplished last June, that the directorate paid grants to irregular workers to take care of them socially and health, amounting to 44,628 pounds, to 23 workers registered in the unit, as well as Registration of 23 new workers and issuance of cards for them, in addition to disbursing the Labor Day grant to 3,307 workers, with a total of 1,653 thousand and 500 pounds.

The Directorate also carried out periodic inspections and campaigns in the field of occupational safety and health by inspecting 158 establishments, and the inspection resulted in the issuance of 105 occupational safety and health records. In the field of labor inspection, 1,449 establishments were inspected, which resulted in the issuance of 84 reports for violating establishments, 9 complaints were examined, and 4 were held. Awareness seminars in the field of collective bargaining, and a seminar in the field of child labor.

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