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Follow these steps in case of delay in installing the Electricity Meter

The electricity meter is the mainstay of every home, so many citizens are wondering about the steps to be taken in the event of delays in installing an electricity meter.

There are some steps that must be followed when the electricity company is late in installing the meters, and they are as follows:

1- Submitting a complaint to its electricity distribution company, through which it submits the installation of the meter.

2- In the event that the complaint is not resolved by the electricity company, the Electricity Utility Regulatory Agency and Consumer Protection receives citizens’ complaints from the electricity utility, so that the complainant does the following:-

The complaint request is submitted to the Electricity Regulatory Authority, the complaint form prepared by the agency is completed and submitted to the competent department

3- A copy of the complaint that was previously submitted to the Electricity Company is delivered.

4 – The Electricity Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency will investigate the complaint to work on solving it.

Citizens’ complaints outlets for the Electricity Regulatory Authority:
– The complaint can be submitted by going to the agency’s headquarters at 1 Engineer Maher Abaza Street, behind the Sikka Club, Nasr City.

It can also be submitted through the website of the Agency, and through the post office POBox. 73 – October Panorama – Postal Code 11811, Salah Salem Street.

And through the e-mail for receiving citizens’ complaints and through the fax of the agency on the number 23421479 – call the phone number 23421476 (ext 154).

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