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The zoo receives 18,000 visitors during the first day of Eid

Dr. Mohamed Ragai, head of the Central Department of Zoos, confirmed that the Giza Zoo received 18,000 visitors on the first day of Eid al-Adha, with emphasis on the application of precautionary measures to prevent the “Corona” virus, including wearing masks and providing thermometers at the gates.

Ragaei said – in a statement this evening, Tuesday – that all amenities were provided for visitors to enjoy the zoo, praising the efforts of the zoo’s workers.

He added that the zoo began receiving its visitors at half past seven in the morning, pointing out that the zoo witnessed a turnout of citizens to enjoy the Eid holiday inside the park.

The head of the Central Department of Zoos explained that the green spaces in the Giza Zoo were increased and many renovations were carried out, pointing to some of the recently opened recreational games such as water pedals and a petting zoo.

He pointed out that the petting zoo is one of the most important sources of happiness for the Egyptian family, as there is a direct interaction between the visitor and the animal, pointing out that there is an educational paragraph for children by teaching them how to deal, photograph and feed the animals, and not to harm the animals.

He pointed out that there is a recreational amusement area at the highest level, toilets have been maintained, and there is a security company and a cleaning squad at the highest level, explaining that the zoo workers have great experience, whether it is in animal protection or protecting any animal visitor.

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