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Manchester United postpones the inclusion of the Leipzig star in the team

Manchester United postpones the signing of the Leipzig star next season 2023.

Manchester United postpones the signing of Frenchman Christopher Nkunko this summer 2022, but the deal will take place next summer 2023.

And the German newspaper “Bild Sport” announced, saying: – Christopher Nkunku, the star of the French national team, is seeking to renew his contract with Leipzig in the coming period, but with a large penalty clause of 65 million euros.

United will sign Nkunko by activating the penalty clause in the summer of 2023.

And the newspaper continued, saying: – The English club Manchester United will sign him, activating this penalty clause in the summer of 2023, after he plays another additional season with the German Leipzig.

Nkunko is a very distinguished player, and he made a season at the highest level with the German Leipzig, as he is considered one of the most important players in the midfield of the German team, and he won the award for the best player in the German League 2022.






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