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Which channels will broadcast the Austria-Denmark match Monday, June 6, 2022 in the European Nations League | news

The Danish national team is preparing to host a heavy guest against its Austrian counterpart, at the Ernst Happel Stadium, in the context of the second round of the group stage of the European Nations League for the current season 2022/2023 for the first group.

Denmark defeated France, with two goals to one, in the first round of the European Nations League, while on the other hand, Croatia swept its Austrian counterpart with three goals without a response, to become the two sides of the match at the top of the standings of the first group.

The match between Austria and Denmark in the European Nations League begins tomorrow, Monday, June 6, 2022 at exactly:

  • Only a quarter past nine in the evening, the time of Egypt, Sudan and Libya.
  • Ten o’clock in the evening, the time of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Palestine.
  • A quarter past eleven in the evening, United Arab Emirates time.

Which channels will telecast the Austria-Denmark match?

No Arab channel has obtained the TV rights to broadcast the European Nations League matches, and then the Denmark-Austria match will be broadcast through a group of open European channels that come as follows:

  • Varzish Sport HD Tajikistan channel on NSS frequency 57°E – 10973 H 11700 or Yahsat frequency 52°E – 11785 H 27500.
  • Football HD Tajikistan channel on NSS 57°E – 10973 H 11700.
  • BT Sport 2 HD Channel / Frequency, 12515 Horizontal / Coding Rate, 22000 / Moon, Astra 2A 2B 2D.
  • TVP Sport HD Channel / Frequency, 10834 Vertical / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, Hot Bird.
  • Ziggo Sport Select HD Channel / Frequency, 12129 Vertical / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, Astra 3A.
  • Eleven Sports 1 HD Portugal Channel / Frequency, 12398 Horizontal / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, Hispasat.
  • Rah-e-Farda Channel / Frequency, 11293 Vertical / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, Afghansat 1.
  • Channel FOX SPORTS Eredivisie 4 / Frequency, 11739 Horizontal / Coding Rate, 29900 / Moon, Astra 3A.

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