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Solve the problems of capturing the Algerian terrestrial channel, which carries the Algerian national team matches in the 2023 African Nations Qualifiers | arabic ball

Everyone is looking for a solution to the problem of capturing the broadcast of the Algerian terrestrial channel, as it is one of the most important channels in the state of Algeria and the Arab world in general, especially as it transmits all the matches of the Algerian team in the 2023 African Nations Cup qualifiers, which are held in Algeria, most notably today’s confrontation against the Ugandan team.

Solve the problems of capturing the Algerian terrestrial channel

First, you must understand that Nilesat has become two moons

I mean, since the launch of the French Eutelsat 8°W satellite

Adjacent to Nilesat

You must set your signal well

So if you have a medium or small plate

You have to divide the channel signal in order to catch the moon

Completely with the clip rotated a little towards the east, and the larger the plate, the better the signal, meaning without the ground or something else. You must adjust the plate, because the Nilesat has its frequencies between the two earthly satellites, since it turned to HD, it turned to a more difficult package and soon it will go to the North African package after imposing bN she has it

Focus on the following frequencies to ensure the capture of the Nilesat, including the ground

Moroccan package

11514 V 27500

11475 V 27200

????bN Package

11054 H 27500

12604H 27500

Here to ensure that all frequencies are captured, you just have to adjust the plate well, because Nilesat has become two moons

Nilesat 7W

And Nilesat 7.3 W . package

And Euelsat 8W


◀️How to operate the Algerian terrestrial channel Program Nat ??????In all the satellites on it and writing its code

◀️Pass any device update if you haven’t passed it before

◀️Activate the patch by pressing the Audio +000 . button

◀ Stand on the channel and press the Page button.

◀️ Press the red button to write the code

◀️Fifth, write the channel code

Cw: 11 00 00 11 00 00 00 00

????If you press the red button and the command to write it is not issued, you must delete some of the Biss codes from the list of codes


◀️Geant M4 owners???? Of all kinds in the last update when you press the red button and come to his book, you can’t and even the floor doesn’t work

????The solution is very simple

????Enter the password list

????Then List Biss

????Remove some codes from the biss list

⚫️The channel will open directly

Terrestrial channel rights:

???? Champions League matches (African) for Algerian clubs inside Algeria

???? CAF Confederation Cup matches for Algerian clubs in Algeria

????The Algerian national team matches in all its categories (local + first team + junior groups + women’s team)

????African Nations Cup qualifiers in Algeria

????World Cup qualifiers for the African continent inside and outside Algeria

ENTV Algeria ??????

NileSat 7°W – 11680 H 27500

SES 22°W – 12674 H 20740

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