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Channels broadcasting the Tunisia-Botswana match on Sunday, June 5, 2022 in the African Cup of Nations qualifiers | news

The Tunisian national team is preparing for its second match in the African Nations Cup of its new season, during which it will face its counterpart Botswana, at the Francistown Stadium.

The Tunisian national team will visit its counterpart Botswana, on Sunday evening, corresponding to June 5, as part of the first leg of the second round of the group stage matches, which will be held on the sidelines of the African Nations Cup qualifiers, provided that the referee of the meeting, Mohamed Al-Toumani, blows the whistle announcing the beginning of the half-events The first is between the two parties at exactly three o’clock in the evening Cairo time, or at exactly four o’clock in the evening Mecca Al-Mukarramah time, and also at five in the evening Abu Dhabi time.

Which channels will broadcast the match between Tunisia and Botswana?

Qatar’s beIN Sports network announced its presentation of the upcoming Tunisia match against Botswana, where the match will be broadcast by “BN Sport 3”, and the atmosphere of the confrontation will also be commented on by the voice commentator “Raouf Khalif”, and the meeting will be shown. Also via “Tunisian Al-Oula” channel.

Tunisia squad list for Botswana match

  • Goalkeepers: Bashir bin Saeed, Ayman Dahman, Sedky Al-Dabashi, Elias Al-Damarji.
  • Defense lines: Montaser Al-Talbi, Bilal Al-Ayfa, Nader Al-Ghandari, Alaa Gharam, Muhammad Draqer, Adam Balamine, Ali Maaloul, Ali Al-Abedy, Rami Kaib.
  • The middle: Ghaylan Al-Shaalali, Issa Al-Aidoni, Ferjani Sassi, Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan, Hannibal Al-Majbri, Anis bin Suleiman, Moataz Al-Zamzami.
  • Forwards: Naim Al-Sulaiti, Firas Belarbi, Elias Al-Achouri, Taha Yassin Al-Khenisi, Issam Al-Jabali, Seif Al-Din Al-Jaziri.

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