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Algeria squad against Uganda Saturday 4 June 2022 in the first round of the African Nations Cup qualifiers | arabic ball

The search is increasing from a lot at the moment on the formation of Algeria against Uganda in the opening round of the group stage of the 2023 African Nations Cup qualifiers, which is what we present to you in this article on our “English Premier League” website.

The Algerian national team is preparing to receive its Ugandan counterpart on Saturday, June 4, 2022, in a match that will be hosted by the July 5 1962 Stadium in Sharjah, Algeria, and the whistle will start at the time:

  • Eight in the evening, according to the time of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.
  • Nine in the evening, according to the time of Egypt, Sudan and Libya.
  • Ten in the evening according to the time of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
  • Eleven in the evening according to the time of the Emirates and Oman.

Algeria squad against Uganda

It is highly likely that coach “Jamal Balmadi” will enter the match, relying on the following formation:

  • Goalkeeper: Rais Mbolhi.
  • Defense lines: Rami bin Sabaini – Hussein bin Ayada – Issa Mandi – Ahmed Tuba.
  • Midfield: Ismail bin Nasser – Hisham Bawadi – Adam Zarkan.
  • Forward line: Youssef Al-Balayli – Islam Soleimani – Rashid Ghazal.

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