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Channels that broadcast the match between Italy and Germany on Saturday 4/6/2022 in the European Nations League | news

The Renato Dallara stadium will host the summit of fire and destruction that will bring together the two poles of the old continent, the Italian national team against Germany, in the first rounds of the European Nations League Championship for the new season 2022/2023, which is a match outside the framework of expectations, given the strength and experience of the ancient history that characterizes both parties. .

The Italian team, the owner of the land and the public, aspires to reconcile its wide fans, after losing the Vinalesma Cup title at the hands of Argentina, the Copa America champion, by losing two goals without a response, and the Azzurri preceded by receiving the shock of exit from the European qualifying supplement to the World Cup Qatar 2022, at the hands of North Macedonia.

On the other hand, the shares of German machines are rising around winning that summit, in light of the technical stability under the leadership of coach Hans Flick, in addition to qualifying early for the 2022 World Cup, and then the pressure will be much less on the German battalion.

Which channels will broadcast the match between Italy and Germany?

The upcoming Italy match against Germany will be broadcast free of charge through the screen of a number of open and free channels that come as follows:

  • M6 Suisse HD Switzerland channel with a frequency of Eutelsat 9°E – 12034 V 27500.
  • ARENA SPORT channel / frequency, 11512 vertical / coding rate, 30000 / Eutelsat satellite.
  • Eleven Sports 1 HD Portugal Channel / Frequency, 12398 Horizontal / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, Hispasat.
  • Rah-e-Farda Channel / Frequency, 11293 Vertical / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, Afghansat 1.
  • FOX SPORTS Eredivisie 4 channel / frequency, 11739 horizontal / coding rate, 29900 / moon, Astra 3A.
  • Canale 5 Italia / Frequency, 11917 Vertical / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, Hot Bird.
  • Channel RTS 1 Serbia / Frequency, 11554 Horizontal / Codec rate, 30000 / Moon, Eutelsat W2.
  • Sky Sport 1 Deutschland Channel / Frequency, 12031 Horizontal / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, Astra 1B 1H 2C.
  • TVi Portugal Channel / Frequency, 12322 Horizontal / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, Hispasat 1a.
  • CBC SPORT HD Channel / Frequency, 11135 Horizontal / Coding Rate, 27500 / Moon, AzerSpace 46°E.
  • AZ Tv Channel / Frequency, 11169 Horizontal / Coding Rate, 20400 / Moon, AzerSpace 416°E.

The date of the match between Italy and Germany

The resounding match between the Italian national team against its German counterpart, in the first round of the two teams in the European Nations League, will begin tomorrow evening, Saturday, June 4, 2022, at nine o’clock in the evening, Cairo time, and at ten o’clock in the evening, Mecca time, and at eleven in the evening. Abu Dhabi time.

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