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Gnabry raises controversy over his future with the Bavarian giant: money is not everything | news

German star “Serge Gnabry” continues to raise the table regarding the future with his current club, Bayern Munich, especially with the news that Bayern is close to obtaining the services of Senegalese Sadio Mane, the Liverpool player.

One year remains for Gnabry’s contract with Bayern to officially end his relationship with the “Allianz Arena” in the summer of 2023, and so far he has not renewed his contract with the Bavarian, and in light of press reports that talked a lot about Real Madrid and Arsenal’s desire to obtain the player’s services.

Gnabry followed the same style as his colleague Robert Lewandowski in expressing his opinion about the possibility of renewing and continuing beyond next season.

And Serge Gnabry spoke in comments reported by the Spanish newspaper “AS”, saying: “It is about what we offer, it must be reciprocal.”

And he continued: “It is not about money as the press always describes it, there are many different ways within the club to show appreciation to the players, so for us players, it is not all about money as it usually is.”

And Lewandowski had announced his unwillingness to continue with Bayern, because the club’s management is not serious with him and wants to leave, and described them that they do not appreciate him despite everything he has done for this club.

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