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The date of the match between France and Denmark in the first round of the European Nations League | news

The French national team is preparing for the first round of the European Nations League, during which the roosters will clash with their Danish counterpart, amid an intense struggle from both sides for the three precious points.

The date of the match between France and Denmark

France will host Denmark at Stade de France on Friday, 3 June, as part of the first leg of the first round of the group stage of the European Nations League in its new season.

According to the announced date, the referee’s whistle will sound, announcing the start of the meeting’s events at the following times:

  • At 8:45 pm Cairo time.
  • While the meeting will be shown at 9:45 pm Mecca time.
  • Or at 10:45 pm Abu Dhabi time.
  • The meeting will also be shown at 7:45 pm Morocco time.
  • Or at exactly 9:45 pm Al-Quds Al-Sharif time.

The history of the confrontations of the two sides

The historical statistics between the French national team and its guest Denmark did not predict the winner in the next match, as the two sides met during 15 international matches earlier, during which the roosters succeeded in winning during eight confrontations, while their Danish counterpart won in five matches, and the draw was held in the atmosphere of two other confrontations. .

It is worth noting that in the last confrontations between the roosters and their Danish guest, which were part of the World Cup finals for the 2018 season, the match was decided by a negative tie.

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