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Karim Benzema wins the Onnes Golden Award as the best player for the 2022 season

Karim Benzema crowned a new gold award 2022.

Real Madrid’s French striker Karim Benzema received the individual award after winning the award for the best player in the Champions League for the 2022 season.

French striker Karim Benzema won the award for top scorer in the Champions League 2022, and top scorer of the Spanish League 2022. Benzema received 37.2% of the votes in the new award, beating Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski 10.6%, and Liverpool star Sadio Mane 36.1%.

Karim Benzema was able to win the “Onz Golden” award for the second time in a row, presented by “Once Mondial” magazine, after he won the same award in 2021.

Knowing that Karim Benzema has played 46 games with Real Madrid in all competitions for the current season 2022, scored 44 goals, and made 15 critical passes.

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