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Garth Bale announces his departure from Real Madrid

Garth Bale announces his departure from Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale, the Real Madrid attacking wing, announced, in an official statement, his departure from Real Madrid, after 9 years spent in the ranks of the royal.

And Garth Bale published in a post on his page: “I thank my friends, staff and coaches of the team between the present and the past, and I thank the fans for the support of me. Royal, and put his logo on my chest and to play in the Santiago Bernabeu and be part of winning the Champions League, and now my dream has become a reality.

He continued, “It was a special experience for me. I also wanted to thank President Florentino Perez, Jose Angel Sanchez, and the Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to play in this royal club.”

He concluded by saying: – Together we managed to create moments that will not be forgotten forever in the history of Real Madrid and football. It was a great honor for me, thank you, Hala Madrid.

Real Madrid recently won the 2022 Champions League, after beating Liverpool 0-1 and the 13th title in its history.

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