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Basketball: Mohab Yasser injured a cruciate ligament, and the date of the surgery

The Egyptian Basketball Association announced that Mohab Yasser, the player of the Egyptian and Zamalek national teams, had a cruciate ligament injury.

The Egyptian national team was playing with Jordan in the friendly basketball tournament at the Burj Al Arab Hall.

During the third quarter of the match, Mohab Yasser sustained a severe knee injury after falling to the ground incorrectly, causing it to twist.

The Basketball Association statement was as follows:

Mohab Yasser, the Egyptian basketball player, underwent new tests this morning, Wednesday, under the supervision of Ahmed Abdel Aziz, a professor of orthopedic surgery, joints and stadium injuries, after he was injured in yesterday’s friendly match against the Jordanian team.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz confirmed that the player Mohab Yasser was injured in the cruciate ligament in the knee and needs surgical intervention in preparation for recovery from the injury and his return to the stadiums.

Immediately, Magdy Abu Farikha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Basketball Association, directed Mohab Yasser to undergo surgery tomorrow, Thursday, at Misr International Hospital, under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz, in order to begin immediately after the player’s rehabilitation.

The two teams agreed to end the match in the third quarter after Mohab Yasser was injured when the result indicated that the Egyptian team advanced 58-45.

Amr Moselhi, a board member of the Egyptian Basketball Association, said yesterday, Wednesday, in a press statement: “After Mohab Yasser’s injury, it was agreed between the teams of Egypt and Jordan to end the match in a friendly manner.”

He continued, “Mohab Yasser suffered a knee injury and continued playing before he fell to the ground and heard the sound of the injury clearly.”

He added, “The x-ray revealed that Mohab Yasser Misr had a cut in the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.”

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