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El-Shennawy: Egyptian arbitration does not require a foreign expert

The refereeing expert, Ahmed El-Shennawy, stated that the experience of recruiting English referee Mark Clatenberg to lead the referees committee in the Egyptian Football Association will not succeed, and this matter must be rescinded.

Al-Shennawy added, during a telephone interview via “On Time Sports 2” channel: “Klattenberg is not an arbitration expert, and he is not a lecturer in the International Federation or the European Union, and after his appointment in Saudi Arabia for only one season, he was dismissed after he destroyed a generation of Saudi rulers.”

El-Shennawy added: “The arbitration system in Egypt does not need a foreign expert. Our referees must be supported. It is not permissible to appoint a foreign arbitrator, unless he is an expert accredited by the International Federation and has a program that can benefit the referees, and not just a previous foreign referee.”

Al-Shennawy concluded his statements by saying: “The Spanish referee for the last summit match, his decisions were questioned, and we saw the difference that occurred in not calculating a correct penalty for Zamalek, which is an influential decision that can change the outcome of the match.”

It is worth noting that the summit meeting between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in a postponed match from the 20th week of the Premier League ended in a positive tie with two goals for each team.

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