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South African clubs are competing hard to sign the new Mohamed Salah… Egyptian talent, strong leaders! | arabic ball

The South African newspaper, Cake of South Africa, spoke of a major conflict between the major clubs in South Africa to include a promising young Egyptian youth, who is talked about by many in Egypt as the new Mohamed Salah.

Mamelodi Sundowns, Kaizer Chiefs, and Orlando Pirates are fighting for the services of Egyptian junior “Ali Oscar”, a player in Damanhour Games Club in the Egyptian second division.

Oscar is 23 years old, born in 1999, and is one of the most prominent Egyptian football talents, as described by the newspaper “Kick Off” to the extent that he was likened to one of the best players in the world and Liverpool winger, Mohamed Salah.

Ali Oscar attracted attention through his fun performance with the Damanhour games, where he scored 4 goals and made 10 goals through his strong speed and distinctive left foot.

And not only the interest from South African clubs, also both Smouha and Al-Ahly Bank want to sign and include the player, not to mention the presence of a Portuguese club that wants to obtain the player’s services, but no one mentioned what the name of that club is.

Sources close to the player confirmed to the famous newspaper that South African clubs are interested in including Oscar after watching his videos, and the player is welcome to move to the south of the continent because he believes that this is the right time to leave the Damanhour games.

So far, the interest of South African clubs has not been formalized, however, there is a great potential for that deal to happen and it is an option that is strongly on the table, as confirmed by the source.

Ali Oscar had scored a very impressive goal in the Egypt Cup, specifically against Smouha, in the match between Smouha and Damanhour Games, and here is the goal.

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